"> Local SEO 2020: How I helped Cleaning Company to Generate $1.3 Million
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Local SEO Case Study: How I helped Cleaning Company to Generate $1.3 Million in Revenue?

Local SEO Case Study

How I Helped a Cleaning Company to Generate $1.3 Million Revenue

We all know successful local SEO campaigns are very important for businesses to expand. Right?
But what makes local SEO effective?
In this world of heavy technological advancements and digitalization, good promotion isn’t as easy as it seems.
If you’re serious about generating good revenue from SEO, you need to be very systematic with how you create and promote your content locally.
Well today I’m going to show you a technique that almost guarantees that you can generate extra $1.3 Million with local SEO.

local seo
local seo strategy 2020

So keep reading to learn how..
Let me walk you through on a real case study (Worked by us)

Client Intro

So they are a web based cleaning company located in Toronto and servicing the Greater Toronto Area.
They’re a very efficient business that prioritizes a good customer relation and quality services. You just visit their site, book an appointment and there will be someone at your door the very same day!
But, they’re still a startup that focused their promotional activities using digital media platforms.
But, this alone wasn’t as productive, resulting in insignificant traffic on their site and hence lower incomes.
It is during these times that they contacted us. After carrying out a thorough and comprehensive analysis and survey of their website, we developed a local SEO plan for them.
Fortunately for us, our deep understanding of external and internal factors, technology, and creativity, we were able to outline a plan of action for the company. A plan, which turned out to be amazing and very fruitful for them- and us, because hey, one more milestone achieved, right?

Need Local SEO Plan Template?

In this plan, we focused upon utilizing most of the potential keywords and phrases that people today are commonly searching up- or could think of searching up.

The story seems pretty easy so far, no? But trust me, this isn’t the case.

The plan we designed included numerous well-thought-for characters that each had their own very essential roles. The characters, as per our expectations, collaborated in a beautiful way and voila!

Local SEO Strategy

I tried lot’s of strategies for local SEO optimization in last few years.
I noticed the strongest thing is visibility of your locations in your website.
I started with Google my Business location. I added location in google and optimize it.
Now you are wondering how I optimized it. Don’t worry! I am going to explain all 😊

Google My Business Optimization

The listing of how the data of business is displayed on google in maps and all about knowledge graph is zero.
Google has changed the way it works and all its schemes are different than before too.
The name has evolved as well. At first, it was Google local and now it is called Google Plus+ ecosystem. But today it is known as google my business.

google map optimization

The number one factor that ranks the map results is Google my business. This was proven after a long research in by Moz. This is a very mandatory local SEO ranking factor.
You need a google business page if you want to optimize it. If you do not have one, claim it.
Wondering how?

Firstly, click on the link below and press “Manage now button”.

Point to be noted is that you need to use your own business mail as a login as it is more professional.
Do not use @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, or any other general email client. In order to put in your business information, a form is what you need.
Enter the same Name, Address, Phone Number info that you displayed on your website and pay attention to the category section at the bottom.

Category section must be focused on as it helps the customers know what the business is all about and this can put the business in correct search results.

google optimization

You need to be specific about your choice although google lets you opt many categories but make sure it is relevant to your business.
Verification is needed if you want to make any amendments.

Here are some ways to do the verification:

google listing verification options

  • Use of postcard: verification code is sent to your given address through the mail sent by google snail.
  • Through phone: Through a message, you can receive verification code by google.
  • Through email: For your business account, the details can be sent via mail. This provide you with verification options that are available if there is no change in your log in details.

You might not access to some of the options. The best thing is when you receive a postcard in your mail. You verification depends on what kind of business you have.

Some options may not be available, and the most popular way is to receive a postcard in the mail. Your eligibility to verify using any of the options depends on what type of business you have.

There is a page of google where detailed instructions are provided for almost every process. Click here to receive help. You need to complete all formalities either it is uploading of pictures or filing of some categories.

Once you are done with verification and completion of all information related to Google my business profile, all you need to do is move on to NAP citations.

Wondering what is mean by NAP?
Keep reading…

Want to get local NAP citations? But, how?

You will get the NAP citations once you are done with the set up and optimization of google my business page.

Meaning of NAP?

It refers to name, address, phone number. There were some other terms as well that have been wiped out like NAPU that means name, address and phone number with URL or NAPW that means name, address, phone number and website.

Here are the few reasons why on relevant directories you will want to get NAP citations:

  • There are 13% of ranking factors that are signaled by citation as confirmed by latest studies by Moz.
  • Many other businesses except google are searched by people through these directories
  • Localized terms are ranked by many of these directories
  • Through the creation of list, a relevant link can be created to your site.

NAP is a big necessity because of many reasons.

Beware: ranking issues can be caused because of inconsistency of citation

There can be a problem if you change your address or phone number. In order to keep your citations consistent, it is better to do an audit.

Why is that important?

You need an online reference for you NAP which is why citation is needed. Google needs to determine the online authority of an entity and link is not needed which is why evaluates it as a local signal.

Your local SEO can be affected negatively if your NAP is inaccurate and inconsistent.

Citation is actually the top most issue that is affecting local SEO ranking as confirmed by a search engine land.

local citation

This becomes hard for customers and google as well to trust any information when there is a scattering of variations of your NAP all around the web.

Your local search ranking can be downgraded if your data is untrustworthy according to google.

If you have too many variations of your NAP scattered around the web, especially if some or many of those are outdated, this makes it hard for customers and thus, Google, to trust your information. If Google thinks your data is untrustworthy, this could downgrade your local search ranking.

Want to check consistency of citation? How? Let’s read it!

Let’s Audit and Optimize your consistency of business’s NAP:

You need to uncover all listings and variations of your NAP and do the work manually. This is the only complete way to do a citation audit.

You can use Moz Local if you want to have a quick check. You need to enter your business name in the input bar that is at the left and at the right, the zip code must be entered click the button of check my business listing.

citation audit

All corresponding listings that are related to your website are pulled up by Moz local from the main local indexing platforms.

The highest impact will be owned by high authority resource listings. If there are any inconsistencies, they are displayed as well.

You display them on a spreadsheet and contact the website owners through a note in order to correct the info of NAP which is similar and consistent with the information you own.

Moz tag top indexing platform which is the limit of the results of Moz local. This shows that some less authoritative or structured sources may offer some citations.

Proper audit may be needed for every last citation as they may have a very less effect but your passion decides whether or not you want to create cleanup services or a citation audit.

This has to be more precise, comprehensive and a good job for you.

There is another way out and that is to take help from my citation audit service. If you are looking for free citation audit click here.

You are done with auditing your citations.

What to do now? Build them!

Need Local SEO Plan Template?

On-Page Optimization of local SEO

on-page seo 2020

Your target audience searches for some keywords that need to be ranked which is why you need to optimize your pages.
You need to keep few things in mind when it comes to local ranking of website.

Set the structure of the website!

You have a choice of creating specific landing pages for each city in case you serve multiple ones. This does not require an office and works on only 1 location but it presents the services for a whole area.
For instance, you may set up your website to have multiple landing pages for each area that you serve:

website seo structure

If you do not have a physical office then you can originally rank in places. This can be helpful!

Title Tags, Meta Description, Headers and Content need optimization

meta tags optimization

All the elements that are required in normal on page optimization are required here. The keywords in title tag and on the page are a recommendation besides the city.

Website demands NAP in Schema format

schema optimization

You need to display your name, address, and phone number combination on your website, and preferably in schema format.
NAP must be consistent with your business listings.
Business hours are recommended too. Do not leave them behind.

Google Map can be embedded

google map integration

Users can easily find the location if google map is embedded to it.

Action need clear calls

call to action

You need to mention you phone number clearly and make sure that it is displayed clearly and people can contact you easily.
Try to stay online most of the times.
You can tell users what to do through CTAs and guide them about every move. In this way, not only the users get attracted towards your website but your website converts as well!

Reviews and testimonials can be of good service

local seo reviews management

Your conversions can make progress through this. This gives confidence to the users in your service.

Make it Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly website

When Mobilegeddon commenced in 2015, it was stated that google has a large circle of friends with people of mobile friendly websites.
If you want to examine if there is correct display on mobile devices by your website, make sure to use Google’s mobile friendly.
You need to re-design a website or at least upgrade your wordpress them if the test fails.

Want to make your website mobile friendly? Click here.

Building of a Perfect Local Link

link building 2020

Links are always important either with local SEO or any other type and different strategies work as well.
Audience needs a valuable content to be published, influencers must be promoted, blogs need some guest posts and relevant resource listings can get links.
It is the specificity that helps to differentiate between local link building from general link building. Links must be placed in more locally targeted resource listings and blogs. That should be the main aim.
Maybe you already know the above-mentioned things like what is valuable content and how to promote influencers etc.

Search for local listing to create links

local business listings list

Searching for something new? All you need to do is find the locally targeted leads. There is a list of top 50 local citation sites by country that has been created by whitespark.
You can find more information on google if this comprehensive list fails to satisfy you.
Below are combinations of queries you can use for business listings and directories:

[location] business listings
[location] business directory
[location] directory
[business type keyword] business listings [location]
[business type keyword] business directory [location]
[business type keyword] directory [location]

For trade organizations:

[location] [business type keyword] alliance
[location] [business type keyword] association
[location] [business type keyword] council
[location] [business type keyword] society​

Strategies I use to get local links

Once your results are displayed on spreadsheet, you need to organize it properly as to which one to connect first according to relevance and influence.

  • Get your business listed in relevant business directories.
  • The organization related to your business that are active, massive and trade based must be joined
  • Present your services to the community events
  • Get in contact with the public figures as you get a chance to reach newspapers.
  • Get in touch with bloggers. Choose those who have high connections and who work on promotion exchange.
  • There must be a counselling or mentoring program for schools or communities.
  • Be a speaker at the event so that next time you get to be a part of the interview.

Just act upon any of the above-mentioned things and this will lead you to newspaper.

Why are these important?

Once you get featured by these local resources, you can get different links like .edu, .org and .gov.
Want some Local Reviews?

Let us to gain them for you!

Well, it is high time to increase the local reputation of your business. What does it mean? It means there is a need of some positive reviews.

Which restaurant do you prefer?

  • B and B but no online profile
  • A 3 star rated burger with unsatisfactory reviews of customers
  • A 4.7 star rated Italian place glowing with the ongoing progress

Decide yourself!

There are different situations. If you do not want your money to go to waste then probably you will go for safe choice.

You will choose a place with good reviews and good food. Instead of personal recommendations, people prefer to read online reviews.

The studies show that 87% of the people go for online reviews. But, it is not the end here. These reviews can play apart in increasing the search ranking.

The studies also prove that there can be an increase in conversions by 18% if there are reviews on the sales page.

This study was done by a consultancy of marketing resources firm. You can hit three birds with one stone if you increase your online reputation.

  • The trust of customers
  • Increase in the search rankings
  • Increase in conversions

Now that you have realized its importance, it is good for you to know about the process.

Business Profile must be claimed On Top Review Sites

top reviews site

This is the first and foremost thing that needs to be done. A list of consumer review sites was posted by Hubspot. Some of those are as follows:

  • Yelp
  • Google My Business reviews
  • TripAdvisor
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Amazon

There are many other but our first priority is to favor those sites that are the most valuable ones.
You need to make a choice of your sites according to your industry. Zillow is the best site for you if you are in the business of housing. Go for TripAdvisor if you own a restaurant business.
You must know how many customers found you through consumer review website. For that purpose, you need to keep a check on customer service or written reports. Your old record can help you make improvements.
You need to stick with the basics if you do not find anything conclusive.

What can that be?

Well, go for google reviews!

They appear just by the side of google business page. It used the same star rating factors as by Facebook. 100 million users would be enough for locally targeted businesses.

The review process is quite simple for Google and Facebook if you keep logging into your accounts as this helps you stay active when customers leave comments and want to clear any queries, you can answer them.

You need to enter your business name and address in order to claim your business listing when using Yelp. You will have to create a business profile if you do not go for listing.

You will receive a notification when the moderators of yelp are done with verifying your business. Then, you are good to go.

Quality reviews for the business are always the need of the hour

If your system is proper then quality of reviews can’t be that hard. You need to go through every bit of the detail to understand the process.

Look at the brief of the process below:

  • Review prompting widgets, emails and different links through websites are needed for the collection of positive reviews.
  • Before people start doing low star ratings, it is better to resolve the negative issues.

You can book an appointment in case you need some help. This will help you get more reviews. The consumers are mostly convinced because of the online reviews.

This is also what studies have concluded. There are higher chances of convincing the customers to spend dollars on your business if you gain more quality reviews. Display your reviews properly on website so that they are prominent.

reviews management

Now you are ready as you have the information, tools and you are aware of the process.

What are you waiting for?

Get started!

The results, as aimed and expected, had been more than satisfactory.

With our assistance, the cleaning company was able to generate $1.3 million from the Local SEO strategy alone.

The non-financial benefits to the company are vast too. These efforts have helped the business establish a trustworthy relation and boosted their goodwill.

And this is how I end the story of an amazing and educating experience of we employed local SEO tactics to boost the business.

Are you ready to improve your company’s local SEO? Email me at contact@harrisarshad.com or book a free 30 minutes consultation and let me work with you to create the perfect local SEO campaign for your company!

I will be waiting to clear your queries if you have got any. Drop them in the comments section below.

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